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Course Structure

This is a self-directed course via our learning platform Makor. 

Course Materials

Participants should purchase a copy of Soul Construction by Ruchi Koval available HERE with international and audiobook purchase options.

All lecture recordings and additional study materials are accessible on our Makor learning platform.

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Here is Ruchi on the importance of Mussar today and what lead her to write her book, the basis of her course, Soul Construction:

What Course Participants Say:

"Highly recommend.  It felt almost like personal counseling sessions!"

Jacci Bickford


Camille Gertler

"This is a wonderful addition to the TMI curriculum!"

Natalie Kirsh

"Take it!!!!!  I will definitely be on the lookout for more courses offered by Ruchi Koval:)"

Bonnie Bernstein Herst

This powerful new course, flexibly designed for all learners, is based on the book, Soul Construction, by Ruchi Koval. Participants will come to understand the concept of Mussar both theoretically and practically. The course covers six middot including:

  • Acceptance of Others
  • Judging favorably
  • Forgiveness
  • Constructive Speech
  • Renewal
  • Happiness

Acceptance of Others

Discover why people in our lives are there for a reason, how Abraham is a model of acceptance of others, what is conditional versus unconditional love, God's unconditional love of us, and obstacles to acceptance.

Judging Favorably

Learn how being judgmental harms you, three levels of judging favorably from beginner to advanced, and obstacles to judging favorably.


Find out new ways to apologize, what happens if we’re not forgiven or when the person we’ve wronged is no longer in this world, six steps to forgiveness, and how to forgive yourself.

Constructive Speech

Open yourself to the power of speech in Jewish philosophy and law, the impact of a well-placed phrase, the importance of validation, the motivations behind criticism, and how to utilize critical feedback to grow.


Develop an understanding of “teshuvah,” how to get back up better than before, the role that regret, guilt, and shame play in our lives, and what holds us back from renewal.


Gain the knowledge that happiness is a choice and within you, not in someone else's hands, and the roles that gratitude, joy, laughter, and faith have in your happiness.

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Ruchi Koval

Ruchi Koval is the co-founder and director of the Jewish Family Experience in Cleveland. She is a certified parenting coach, educator, author, musician, and motivational speaker. Her first book, "Conversations with G-d," was released in 2016. Ruchi was a recipient of the CJN's 18 Difference Maker award in 2015. She has been teaching Mussar from classical texts to hundreds of students for well over a decade.