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THE SECRET OF LOVE: how to love ourselves and others.

Exclusive New Course by Aryeh Ben David

73rd Contemporary finalist

Delivery Style

Live Lectures over Zoom, group discussions and Q&A


· 6 Weekly 75-minute learning sessions (Sunday)

· 6 Weekly 75-minute processing sessions (Tuesday)


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*All course fees are 100% tax deductible.

This course, led by the enthusiastic Aryeh Ben David who resides in the heart of Israel, is a transformative journey based on his new book, "The Secret of Love." Aryeh, a masterful educator, brings a positive and engaging approach to guide you through the profound teachings of Rav Kook.

Drawing inspiration from the timeless writings of Rav Kook, Aryeh Ben David's course is not just an exploration; it's a heartfelt guide to becoming a more loving human being.


What's Inside?

Dive deep into the art of love, learning how to embrace and cherish every facet of life. From loving yourself and your family to fostering a deep connection with your community, Aryeh Ben David's insights, delivered with warmth and sincerity, will guide you to love every cell of creation.


Identify & Overcome Obstacles:

Uncover the obstacles that hinder your capacity to love, and learn powerful techniques to remove them. As you work diligently, witness the transformation unfold—bringing greater meaning, happiness, and fulfillment to not only your life but to everyone around you.


"At a time when Israel is torn by deep polarization, anger, hostility and loss of trust between people, Aryeh Ben David brings us healing and hope."

Yitz Greenbeg, 2023

Registration is open now! Join us for a meaningful and enriching learning experience with Aryeh Ben David, a positive force and a true master of imparting wisdom from the heart.


Aryeh Ben David, Renowed Educator

Aryeh Ben David, a distinguished educator and the founder of Ayeka: Center for Soulful Education, has pioneered a distinctive educational approach. Through partnering with Day Schools across North America, he empowers faculties and students to enhance their personal connection to Jewish life.

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