From Darkness Into The Light

A chaburah is an intimate group of spiritual seekers who work together toward their holy goals. 

Chaburah focuses on middot with a negative valence, and builds a bridge to the “positive.” You'll cultivate a sharpened awareness of the play of inner traits, which provides both the opportunity and strength to exercise choice. The course focuses on one middah per month: anger, impatience, stinginess, ingratitude, worry, envy, laziness, judgment, falsehood, arrogance, stubbornness, and sorrow.

Some Mussar students are concerned that the leap from Pathway to the Inner Life to Chaburah is too daunting, that is before they experience the first lesson in Chaburah. Once they begin the Chaburah journey and sense their connection to their facilitator, va'ad, and chevruta partner, they find the transition to be fluid and natural. We invite all who have completed beginning courses to step forward into Chaburah - from Darkness to Light.

Now offered in four flexible and affordable parts:

  • Part I includes anger, impatience, and stinginess
  • Part II includes ingratitude, worry, and envy
  • Part III includes laziness, falsehood, and judgment
  • Part IV includes arrogance, stubbornness, and sorrow

Prerequisites: Two years of va'ad-based Mussar study (such as completion of Pathway to the Inner Life I-III and Mussar in Action I-II)

Duration: Four parts of 3 months each

Modality: Va'ad and chevruta meetings, readings, and practices

Sessions/Facilitators: TBD


Non-Chaverim Tier 1 - $330 (per part)

Non-Chaverim Tier 2 - $282 (per part)

Non-Chaverim Tier 3 - $198 (per part)

Chaverim members enjoy a 15% discount off of course pricing. Members, please select the Chaverim rate of your choice on your registration form, membership will be verified before your enrollment is secured for the course.

Watch Alan Morinis speak about Chaburah