From Darkness Into The Light

A chaburah is an intimate group of spiritual seekers who work together toward their holy goals. 

Chaburah focuses on middot with a negative valence, which builds a bridge to the “positive.” You'll cultivate a sharpened awareness of the play of inner traits which provides both the opportunity and strength to exercise choice. The course focuses on one middah per month: anger, impatience, stinginess, ingratitude, worry, envy, laziness, judgment, falsehood, arrogance, stubbornness, sorrow.

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By Dovid Sussman | APRIL 4, 2012
Originally published in Mishacha

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Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Delivery: Live Web Meetings

Learning Methods: Readings and practices, chevruta, Va’ad

Prerequisites: Season of Mussar I or II, Pathway I-III or Everyday Holiness

Duration: Two parts of 6 months each

Tuition: Each Part: Chaverim: $215 non-Chaverim: $240.  Total Tuition $430 Chaverim, $480 non-Chaverim