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As we begin our journey of “Merging into One,” you are invited to choose one of the following sessions, which will explore different facets of Ahava/Love, that are woven throughout our Kallah experience. Eric’s session is designed for those new to Mussar and to Kallah. All other sessions are open to all. Each of the sessions will include the opportunity to break out into small study groups of three. All teachings will be recorded and made available to all participants shortly after Kallah.

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Eric Gurvis

Setting the Stage: Something New about Ahavah/Love & Welcome to Mussar

This session will provide a foundation for those new to the TMI Mussar Kallah. We will touch briefly on Mussar and how to best access all that Kallah has to offer – through the lens of our Kallah 2023 Theme.


Rivy Updated

Rivy Poupko Kletenik

A Reflection on Narcissus & the Nazirite: Where Selflove and Love of G-d Meet

Fascinatingly, a character who catches a glance of themselves in the water appears both in Greek Mythology and in the Midrash. But there the similarity ends. How does Mussar address the issue of self-love? Is the love of G-d meant to derail self-love or redirect it? In what way can we apply the dramatic lessons learned from these two narratives to our Mussar practice?

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Ya'acov Haber

One Collective Soul

Spirituality is oneness. Jewish texts teach that at the starting point of creation, we were all one soul. How might this idea inform our relationship to self, to others, and to the Divine? What can this perspective teach us about Ahava - Love and how to bring more love into our lives? 


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Amy Eilberg

A Heart Full of Love for All  

In this class we will dive into Rav Kook’s inspired and inspiring vision of the practice of love for all people. We will listen to the wisdom in his writing and explore what is so hard about extending our practice of love to everyone in the world, without exception.  What stands in the way of loving everyone?  Let Rav Kook guide us to grow past some of these obstacles.