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Avi Fertig, Director of Mussar

We are excited to announce Kallah XX, our 20th annual gathering, and the third online Kallah, for Mussar study and practice! The theme for this year’s online Kallah is “Merging into One,” an exploration of Love / Ahava.

Love is what makes life worth living. We sense this deep within our souls and yearn to cultivate loving relationships. In recent years we have suffered from isolation due to the pandemic, disharmony in our communities, disruptive politics even in our families, and lives of increasing loneliness. Too often, we feel disconnected from others and even from ourselves.

In Hebrew, the word Ahava / Love shares the same numerical value of thirteen as the word Echad / One. How can we feel more connected? How can we draw closer to others, to ourselves, and to the Divine?

The study and practice of Mussar is a personal and individual journey best done in community, through connecting with others on the path.

Our theme of “Merging into One” is designed to be dynamic and practical, with our focus on the process and pathway. The Kallah program includes extraordinary Mussar teachers from around the world and will be full of opportunities to connect with others on this meaningful and joyful journey.

SAVE THE DATES! Sunday, January 29 - Tuesday, January 31. 

Our prayer is that those who have attended the Kallah in past years will join with many who are new to the experience to create a holy community, exploring together what it takes to merge into one, with ourselves, one another, and the Divine.

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We Have Two Gifts for You!

Not Yet a Member? We are pleased to welcome you to the Kallah at our member-only pricing and give you a three-month free membership!

  • Early Bird Chaverim Member: $259 through December 15 only
  • Regular Chaverim Member: $319 December 16 onward
  • Not yet a Member? Purchase your Kallah ticket at the Chaverim Member Rate and we will give you 3 months of Chaverim membership free, Feb - April 2023.

Kallah attendance is an exclusive Chaverim membership benefit.

We will not offer additional coupons as we near our start-date!



Download this Flyer

Share this poster with your organization to invite them to experience the Jewish spiritual tradition of Mussar, to grow their own experience of love in their lives, and to share the joy of a welcoming community.

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רֵעִים אֲהוּבִים - Rei’im Ahuvim - Beloved Friends

Please take a moment to consider sponsoring someone new to the Kallah.

A sponsorship of $1,000 helps us fund the Kallah Scholarship program and develop new programs at TMI.

You will receive a ticket to the Kallah for yourself and a coupon code to invite 1 other person who has never attended the Kallah in the past.

We are grateful for these generous donors.

In addition, we received a generous anonymous gift.

Kathy Jacobs

Kathy (R) is pictured with her sister Kerri Schellenberg. "We are the oldest and youngest of 4 sisters and 4 brothers. We are scattered across the United States and Okinawa." 

I support the Kallah because Mussar makes me happy. I read Alan’s Seeking Everyday Holiness, the Jewish Spiritual Path of Mussar and went to my first Kallah the same year, joined TMI, and went on to organize an adult education group to read and discuss the book. I was happy to find a path that focused on values and right action. That happiness has grown the more I study Mussar. The Kallah was so powerful for my introduction to Mussar, I want to support another person’s opportunity to deepen their experience as I did. - Kathy Jacobs


Irv and Ellen Robinson

Ellen and Irv Robinson are pictured with their grandson, Cameron, who began 5th grade this fall.

It is important for us to support the work of The Mussar Institute in many ways, and we are especially grateful to find that teens and young adults can now study Mussar with us. We are happy to help open the gates of Mussar to people who haven't yet experienced it. - Irv Robinson

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Sandy and Barbara Greenstein

Sandy and Barbara are pictured with their daughter Leah & son-law Neal, her children Enzo and Gia, and his parents, Paul and Barbara from Boston.

Love is what makes life worth living. I am blessed to be able to stretch my budget to contribute and assist the opportunity for others, to experience the connections and loving relationships I have cultivated by attending the TMI Kallahs and cultivating their own. - Sandy Greenstein