Curricula for Congregations, Organizations, and Mussar Facilitators

We offer two entry-level programs based on Everyday Holiness by Alan Morinis: Gates of Everyday Holiness offers chevruta study materials and Hebrew supplemental texts and Seeking Everyday Holiness offers English-only supplemental texts with self-study materials.

Inner Ladder is an intermediate-level course for continuing va'adim.

Congregational programs are available for purchase by TMI-trained facilitators offering this program through their synagogue, JCC, or their personal LLC. Ownership of the perpetual license can be the organization or individual. Trained facilitators must be in agreement with their organization as to who will own the license prior to purchase.

Organizations who make a purchase without already having a TMI-trained facilitator can hire one by requesting the list of available facilitators from TMI and must contract with a facilitator for hire before receiving the program materials. Such organizations must arrange all logistics and payment directly with the facilitator for hire. To request the list, please email